Design a Roof Garden: 5 Perfect Tips for Terrace Walls and Fences

When city living is crucial to your work-life balance but you also yearn for outdoor space, maximizing any external areas you have by turning them into balcony or roof gardens is the perfect solution to having the best of both worlds. Containing your garden area is more of a consideration than a ground-level garden.

Here are five tips for perfect terrace walls and fences:

  1. Make sure it doesn’t obscure the light.
    Your outdoor space will be precious to you, so make sure you look for fencing or trellis material for at least part of your perimeter that will keep out the elements but not cut out your daylight altogether.
  2. Be careful about the room design.
    Rather than garden design, think “room” design instead and how you’d play with light and shade indoors. Consider see-through or Plexiglas materials if appropriate.
  3. Keep out the elements.
    If you’re utilizing the space for growing fruit and vegetables, keep in mind the greater exposure you’ll have to the elements above ground level. You may wish to pay special attention to wall or block areas where a light breeze on the floor becomes a howling gale through your roof garden.
  4. Maximize space.
    Stronger fencing will allow you to better adheretroughs and planters to your walls and fences and increase the growing area. Floor planters can enable you to grow trailing plants whereas troughs are ideal for flowers or even small crops of strawberries and other similar plants.
  5. We need shelter!
    Your roof garden will be exposed; not just for whatever you grown but for you when you work outside in it or even just relax and enjoy the space. Build in shady areas both for you and plant life.