Damage Maintenance Tips for Your Fence This Summer

Once you have a fence installed, it won’t need a lot of maintenance to keep it looking nice. A few simple tricks here and there will keep it in good condition for years to come. Performing this simple check list, at least once a year, will catch any major problems before they appear.

    How to Maintenance Your Fence This Summer

  • Inspect the fence regularly. Part of the inspection should include removing over hanging branches and any weeds or dirt that is near the fence. Visually look at and over the fence to make sure no boards have become warped or cracked. Slightly push or pull on one or two posts. If boards need to be replaced or stabilized, now is the time to do it.
  • Check the hardware. Take a close look at all hinges, latches and other pieces of hardware. If they are loose or in need for a repair, take care of it now, before they break.
  • Replace mulch or gravel. If the fence runs along a line of mulch or gravel, check to see if there are bare spots showing. If so, make sure they are filled in and any weeds or other vegetation is removed. Add flowers or shrubs if you want extra color and variety.
  • Clean the fence. Use a power washer or garden hose to clean the fence. Mowing can throw grass and dirt onto the fence, keeping it from looking its best. Hosing it down will also remove bird droppings and other unsightly dirt and debris.
  • Paint or stain. Applying or staining your fence will help to weather proof it against the effects of the sun and rain. Protecting your fence in this manner can increase its longevity by several years, if performed regularly.

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  1. Making sure that I know what materials are used for making my fence seems really important. Having the right kind of hinges and latches seems just as important as using the right kind of wood that will last a long time. Those components seem to be important to keep a fence standing, so now I’ll make sure to use the right materials before I have it built.

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