8 Inviting Gates for Your Garden

Garden gates can welcome family and visitors alike into a yard. With a wide variety of designs and materials available, you’re sure to find something that fits your style and budget while adding just the right among of character to the exterior of your home.

Wooden Gates

    1. Southern entrance. Nothing says Southern entrance quite like a delicate, double door iron gate. Think about pairing it with a classic flower that thrives in the South, such as blooming crepe myrtle.


    1. Dutch style. Choose from a full- or half-door to provide ample shelter from a nearby street while bringing guests into the yard beyond. Finish it with a dark paint color and prominent house numbers to create a formal elegance.


    1. Flowered. Cover your gate in flowering blooms to present guests with an inviting fragrance and aesthetic. Think about Noisette roses, which bloom from spring through fall.


    1. Victorian elegance. Capture the feel of a Victorian garden with a wooden fence that curves inward gracefully, making the gate the focal point of the yard.


    1. Arched iron gate. If you have a sizable stately property, you can’t rival the effects of a large iron gate. It offers ample privacy without overwhelming the yard.


    1. Slatted wood. A low, wide gate with weathered wood is the ideal option for a country home. The wood is functional yet stylish, complementing the property perfectly.


    1. Cattle rail. On a similar note, if you want a gate that has a rustic nature but is a little more orderly than a recycled slatted wood gate, consider a cattle rail gate with Western red cedar rails, mahogany posts, and handcrafted hardware.


  1. Japanese influenced. Choose a cedar gate sized appropriately for your particular yard that allows for privacy, while offering just enough of a peek into the yard beyond to intrigue passerby.