7 Simple Steps to Claim Insurance on Fence Damage

Fence damage can occur due to sudden and unpredictable reasons. Even if proper fence maintenance is a priority, and is actively undertaken by a homeowner, fence damage can still occur in several unexpected ways. Storms, accidents, fire, or vandalism are all possible causes of a fence damage that are outside of your control. Luckily, when your fence gets damaged you can claim insurance for its repair.

Claiming insurance over your damaged fence is quite simple. These 7 simple steps will help you get insurance in case fence damage:Insurance Claim

    1. Know Your Policy
      Most homeowner’s policies cover fence. If you have any doubts, reread the policy, and highlight important areas to know if a fence is covered. Typically, damage to a fence is covered under Coverage B “Other Structures”.


    1. Understand the Laws for Shared Fences
      In California, there are specific laws governing who is responsible for certain repairs if ownership of a fence is shared by two separate neighbors. For such shared fences, an insurance company is liable to pay only half the estimated cost for repairing the fence. If you have doubts regarding your fence ownership, refer to your survey for details.


    1. Police Reports Are Important
      If your fence is damaged in vandalism, you can file a police report. Filing a police report ensures everyone is on the same page when it comes to filing accurate information with their insurance providers.


    1. Take Pictures
      Taking pictures of the fence damage is another way of providing a factual account to your insurance company. They are accurate representations of what damage existed, even if the fence had to be removed for safety reasons.


    1. Notify Your Insurance Agent
      Call your insurance agent immediately to report the damage. This allows them to process your claim quickly, and the area to be cleared so that there is no fear of damage to other property.


    1. Talk to an Insurance Adjuster
      An insurance agency will send out an adjuster to calculate how much it will cost to repair the damage. They will take into consideration the age and degree of wear the fence exhibited before the damage occurred. Fence maintenance will also be taken into consideration.


  1. Only Agree If the Settlement Is Fair
    Protect your interests by only accepting a settlement from your insurance agency if it is fair. In most cases, you will be able to negotiate a fair price in order to rebuild, or repair your fence.