5 Safety Tips to Celebrate a Spectacular Christmas and New Year

For many people, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are a special time to enjoy with family and friends. However, if you aren’t careful, a fun day can quickly turn into a disastrous day.

Keeping vigilant and staying informed about following aspects of celebrating holidays will ensure that everyone has a relaxed holiday season free of incidents.
Christmas Safety

Here are 5 safety tips you should keep in mind to celebrate a spectacular Christmas:

  1. Have Designated Drivers
    It is not uncommon for holiday parties and other celebrations to include alcohol. Make sure that groups have designated drivers or alternative travel arrangements that don’t involve driving, such as taking a cab or riding the subway.
  2. Wash Your Hands Frequently
    It’s never fun to be sick, but there is nothing worse than coming down with a nasty cold or flu bug right in the middle of the holiday season. Take care to wash your hands more often than usual.
  3. Pay Extra Attention While Cooking
    When you’re drinking and you have a lot of people around, it is easy to get distracted in the kitchen. The last thing that you want is to have a fire in the middle of a party. Remember to turn off or turn down the heat if you leave a pot unattended, and always turn off kitchen appliances once you’re done cooking.
  4. Prepare for Driving Trips and Other Travels
    Before you get on the road, make sure that your vehicle is in top condition for winter driving. If you’ll be flying, double check your plans ahead of time in case there are any last minute changes.
  5. Adhere to Fireworks Safety Guidelines
    Are you planning to light fireworks for New Year’s? Follow all necessary safety precautions, such as keeping pets inside, having a bucket of water nearby, not drinking around fireworks, lighting fireworks at arm’s length, and never throwing lit fireworks and sparklers.