5 Décor Accessories to Get Your Home Ready for Halloween

Halloween is one of the biggest holidays of the year for decorating and celebrating with loved ones. Much like Christmas, it is a holiday which is embraced by many in a variety of ways. Decorations range from things like paper streamers, furniture coverings, or serving dishes. A person can decorate their entire home with Halloween and fall themed items, and be able to find things that are suitable to almost any taste.

  1. Animated and Musical Hooks – Animated decorations that howl, scream, and move when activated by motion sensors are quite common and extremely popular. Animated figures for hooks, dinner bell, or mirrors are available for both indoor and outdoor decorating.

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  3. Skeleton Embroidered Seat and Pillow Covers – Chair seats and pillow covers with embroidered skeletons and other Halloween designs can be used anywhere in the home to give each room a touch of holiday cheer.
  4. Spooky Candle Holders – Candle holders in the shapes of pumpkins, lanterns, witches, and ghosts can add a glow to any room. They can be used to cast ghoulish shadows on walls or to brighten dark scary corners.
  5. Vintage Halloween Decorations – Vintage looking holiday decorations can bring about feelings of years gone by. Lanterns and old crates or boxes can add a touch of nostalgia and mystery.
  6. Fall Cookware and Table Decorations – When throwing a Halloween party, nothing says festive like themed cookware, cocktails that look scary, and table decorations. Pumpkin bowls, ghost shaped napkins, and cornucopia centerpieces that contain an abundance of bright colors can be used to decorate the table for each meal or to serve the fare at the family Halloween gathering.