10 Creative Solutions For Your Outdoor Privacy

Having a backyard means that you can entertain, you can relax and you can have some private time to yourself. Whether your backyard is big or small, exposed or hidden behind shrubs, you can add to or create a private area by following the creative solutions listed below.

Here are 10 creative solutions for your outdoor privacy:

  1. Fences: Fences add security to your home while giving you some privacy as well. You can choose between a variety of fences that will offer you different security and privacy levels.

  2. Privacy Fence

  3. Walls: This is a more concrete idea (literally) but by building a wall, you will be able to enjoy privacy and also a guarantee knowing your wall requires little maintenance.

  4. Evergreen Hedges: This is an inexpensive but beautiful way to add privacy to your home. Evergreen hedges are tall in height and often slimmer in appearance. Other than the occasional trim, these hedges require little maintence.

  5. Lattice: Another easy and inexpensive way to add privacy to your home is by purchasing a lattice. These are very easy to install. You can add vines, flowers or shrubbery to your lattice for added privacy and beauty.

  6. Layered Privacy Plants: Avariety of shrubs, trees, bushes as well as flowers not only give you privacy but you and your guests will enjoy looking at them.

  7. Container Plants: Potted plants and clumping bamboo can be placed in your yard surrounded by a raised deck to also give you privacy. This can be pricey and may require a little creativity but nonetheless beautiful!

  8. Masonry Walls with Ornamental Designs: A masonry wall is going to usually be made from stone or stucco. The ornamental designs are great if you want something a little more intricate in design.

  9. Pergolas with Panels: A pergola with panels is also a fantastic design for some added privacy. Moreover, it gives your backyard an intimate feeling.

  10. Fountains: A fountain is not only a visual treat for you but the running water is great to drown out unwanted noise. It’s a great addition to any yard when you need a little quiet time mostly if you live next to a busy street.

  11. Tiered Hanging Plants and Pots: You can easily create a hanging tiered design that will give you privacy using long ferns and vines.