Wood Fence Gates: Traditional Yet Fascinating

Wooden fence gates can be added to almost any type of privacy fence or wall. Wrought iron gates were popular for several years, but didn’t allow for maximum privacy. Traditionally built wooden gates can be made so that there is little way for anyone to peer through and see what is happening inside your backyard …Read More

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the Owner of California Fence Company, one of the leading fence contractors in Orange County. She is committed to providing the best customer service and high quality installations of vinyl fences for her clients. The company also offers a wide variety of fencing options that are a cost-effective and attractive alternative to wood fencing.

Do Wood Fences Work?

There are many styles of fencing available to homeowners who are seeking security and privacy. If properly chosen, wood fences can provide both of those along with improving the aesthetics of your yard. It is important that you consider your landscape and housing design when deciding on the right wooden fence. Popular Fencing Types Stockade …Read More